Roadside Assistance  

Roadside Assistance Coverage You Can Count On!
Roadside Assistance covers your vehicle for a maximum of four (4) service calls during the year.

The Roadside Assistance service with CubAuto is available with car warranties only.

Club Auto

Services Exclusions


Tire change
If you have a flat or deflated tire, one of our service providers will install the vehicle’s spare tire if it is usable.

Fuel delivery
In the event that your vehicle runs out of fuel, up to 5 liters of fuel will be delivered free of charge. Specific quantities, brands or octane numbers cannot be guaranteed.

Battery recharge
If your vehicle's battery is discharged, one of our service providers will boost its battery in an attempt to allow it to operate autonomously.
If your vehicle is still unable to start, we will provide a towing service (will be considered a single service).

In the event that your vehicle is stuck, the nearest service provider will be sent to proceed with the winching of your vehicle, from a road where the operator has clear and unobstructed access to the vehicle.

Towing Services
If your vehicle is immobilized due to a mechanical failure, it will be towed to the nearest authorized service facility within 40 km of your service location.


  • The roaside assistance covers the vehicle registered under your contract.
  • If, for valid and verifiable reasons, it is impossible for the adherent to contact the roadside assistance service and he has to get the service on his own, he must pay for the invoice and return the original to the customer service of the program within thirty (30) days after the breakdown in order to be reimbursed. When sending his claim, the adherent must provide  proof that the service was performed by a certified towing professional.
  • The reimbursement will be made as per the commercial price lists that are in effect in the area where the breakdown occured and as per the terms of the program*.
  • We cannot guarantee that the repair shop where the vehicle will be towed will be open at the time of the intervention. Also, it is not possible for us to guarantee that the required repairs will be effected without delay by the repair shop.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, it is possible that the waiting time will be longer. Under certain exceptional circumstances, it could even happen that the program agent will ask you to find yourself an establishment who will provide the service, to pay them and then ask for a reimbursement. The program coverage conditions will then apply*.

* The maximum reimbursement allowed is $50.00 per occurrence.


  • Vehicles that have broken down in an exclusive zone must obtain their own towing service and then submit the receipts for possible reimbursement to VCG Group. The maximum amount of eligible reimbursement is $ 100.
  • Any towing service longer than 40 km may be billed directly to the customer at the time of delivery of the vehicle to the authorized establishment.
  • Unlock service: In the event that your keys are lost, broken or locked in the vehicle, we will send an authorized person to attempt to unlock your vehicle.
  • Please note that you may need to sign a release form before services are rendered.
  • In the event that a new key is required, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing the key.
  • Frozen locks are not covered by the unlock service but we can tow your vehicle to a warmer place designated by you. The cost of this towing service will be at your expense.

* The vehicle operator must be present for services to be rendered

Reimbursement policy

The policy is the same as the Warranty Agreement policy.

Important Note:
Any false declaration or fraud at the time of the initiation or for a service call could entail a refusal to take charge of the costs, a refusal to reimburse the costs or a demand from the adherent to reimburse the costs by the program administrator.

Program Administration

Vengo roadside assistance is not an insurance contract.

The program administrator cannot be held responsible for the costs related to a waiting period or loss of revenues, material or other as a consequence of the breakdown.

The choice of the service supplier is determined exclusively by the program administrator and is made depending on where the breakdown occurred. The roadside assistance suppliers sent by the program administrator are independent contractors selected for their capacity to give fast and quality services. However, under no circumstances, the administrator could be held responsible for delays of service, or for damages, injuries, losses or inconvenience caused by these contractors.

This program is a service administered by Vengo / Axa Assistance.

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